Materials for wooden toys

Wooden toys refer to toys made of wood, bamboo and other natural materials or synthetic wood, mainly baby wooden play, children's building blocks, chess toys, jigsaw puzzles, educational toys and other children's toys made of qualified wooden materials, divided into pure wooden toys and synthetic toys. More environmentally friendly and durable, help children grow.

The most common materials for wooden toys sold in the domestic market are: pine, lotus, basswood, basswood plywood, MDF (density board), beech, rubber wood.

Pine wood: the cheapest (imported more expensive), lighter, white, wood grain road is larger, easier to fall and crack than other wood.

Lotus: most often used as wooden toys, the price is higher than pine, high density, heavier, uniform lines, resistance to fall.

Basswood: beige, light weight, no wood grain, resistant to fall, the price is more expensive than the two.

Basswood plywood: easy to cut, often used to make wooden puzzles.

MDF: Easy to cut, brown, commonly used in the mixed water (painted) part of wooden toys, cheap.

Beech wood: even grain, cross-section is a bit like rice, 1.1 points, the price is higher than that of lotus wood, and it is also resistant to falling.

Rubber wood: Toys made of this kind of wood are exported to many, mainly for children of very young ages. They feel very good and safe.

In addition, the price of imported wood is generally higher than that of domestic wood, which is better. Whether it is resistant to falling depends on whether the processing front has been dried. Drying is the degree of time control. If the time is not well controlled, the wood will crack many times.

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