Is the baby toy made of wood or plastic?

Is the baby toy made of wood or plastic? I can only say that qualified products are good. In fact, the types of toys made of plastic materials are much more than those made of wood.

First, because there are many kinds of plastic materials, easy to shape, rich colors, light weight, suitable for mass production; second, because wooden toys are expensive and heavy, they can't make fine toys under normal circumstances.

I think the main question is aimed at the younger baby, because buying toys for older children will not be entangled with such reasons, so I will say a few words about my experience in buying toys for Tongbao.

First of all, let's talk about wooden toys, are generally relatively simple shape, like the classic shape of building blocks, rainbow pile tower, around the bead...... When choosing, try to choose a better brand. Because wooden toys have to consider a very important issue, that is, paint! A good brand can guarantee the quality of the paint, and the paint process will also ensure that the paint will not fall off.

Secondly, whether you buy plastic toys or wooden toys, you must ensure that there is no peculiar smell, no burrs, and no small parts; it is resistant to falling and biting; the volume must not be too small to prevent the baby from swallowing it.

Thirdly, just buy one type of toy. There are too many similar toys.

Finally, the younger period of baby toys to choose colorful, can sound, can be hands-on better. Can attract their attention, while exercising fine motor, hand-eye coordination. But pay attention to the sound is not too harsh, there are lights do not dazzle.

The main consideration of the baby's toys is safety. Do the materials meet the standards, are the workmanship rough, are the resistance to falling, can enter the mouth, and are the right size... To comprehensive consideration, as for the plastic and wooden issues do not have to be too entangled.

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