The Elegant Gesture of the Goddess Festival-A Recreational Day Tour for Goddesses

The company gave the female employees a whole day off today and gave them intimate gifts before leaving work on the afternoon of the 7th. According to the convention, the goddesses of the office meet to travel and feel the beautiful spring days.



The weather today is exceptionally good, and it is also very much in line with our mood. In the morning, when the company gathered, colleague Josie kindly presented a bunch of hand-knitted flowers to the female compatriots in the office, adding a happy tone to today's mood. After handling the affairs at hand, a group of people drove to the natural oxygen bar of Pan'an, a village of three mu fields 40 kilometers away. After being introduced by colleagues, we chose one of the "Yunxi Moonlight" B & B as our first destination today.



With the warm reception of the host, we gradually relaxed to the extreme. It has become the base of the Greenwood family, full of our laughter. Because of the large number of us, some of our sisters suggested that we should operate the lunch ourselves and give the wife of the hostel a little vacation so that she could also have a holiday. Proposed unanimous vote.

Lunch by a few of the team's better cooking sister as the chef, the rest of the people together to help choose dishes, fire. The sisters showed their skills, and in a short time they juggled out one delicious food after another. The food they cooked by themselves was really delicious, and they ate two bowls of rice.

After lunch at the hostel, we went to our next destination to climb the heights and enjoy the scenery together.



There is a glass trestle suspension bridge on the top of the mountain of this scenic spot, which requires talents with high psychological quality to try. It is not recommended to challenge alone if you have little courage. But if you are curious but dare not go alone, you can learn from us, bring good friends together, stand in line together, and go hand in hand, which can reduce your fear. It is inevitable that there are sisters in the team who are afraid of heights. Our approach is: three people in a team, let the scared sisters stand in the middle and walk slowly arm in arm. This method not only satisfies the middle sister to overcome the fear of heights, but also satisfies the feelings of the two sisters next to help others. Collaboration has always been Greenwoods's style of doing things.




Go straight along the glass plank road to reach the end of the scenic spot. After arriving at the destination one after another, the sisters put on professional tourist certification photos to end the day's itinerary. It is not difficult to see that everyone's faces are filled with happy smiles, which fully proves that everyone is very satisfied with today's trip.

Groups of three to five, talking and laughing, belong to the happiness of the goddess, once again wish you goddess: happy holidays, happy every day!

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